Chef Recommendations

Salmon Dinner

Salmon, salmon, and more salmon!

Bluefin Tuna Sashimi

5 pcs premier-cut Bluefin Tuna.

Salmon Sashimi

5 pcs premier-cut Salmon Sashimi

Creamy Maguro Roll

Snow Crab mixed with avocado & cream cheese topped with Bluefin Tuna!

Fire Starter Roll

Love that sauce! Chef’s Favorite!

Omakase Nigiri

Omakase ("Chef's Choice"): For sophisticated customers who prefer to leave decisions in the hands of our talented chefs.

OMG Salmon Sashimi

4 pcs Seared Salmon sashimi with special Japanese mayonnaise.

Sleeping Tiger Roll

Sleeping Tiger…watch out when it wakes up!

Avalon Roll

2 pcs Tempura shrimp, Snow Crab mixed inside, topped with avocado!